Peabody Recognizes Socially Conscious Storytelling

Peabody Recognizes Socially Conscious Storytelling

Each year, Peabody Awards recognize stories notable for their excellence as well as their resonance—whether it’s a warning to heed, injustice to address, or tragedy to observe with clear eyes and open hearts.

“The Peabody Awards have always been about more than a gorgeous face and a compelling tale told right—they also recognize stories that reflect where we are as a society,” Jacqueline Cutler noted in Variety earlier this year. “The 77-year-old awards pride themselves on maintaining relevance. And this year’s winners grapple with women’s rights, racism, nationalism, guns and environmentalism.”

After the awards are bestowed, the Peabody Media Center continues the conversation with a commitment to changing the narrative of how we think, talk, and react to today’s most pressing issues. As the scholarly research center and media production arm of the renowned awards program, the Media Center creates public programming that shines a light on the yearly award winners and nominees. It also supports critical scholarly engagement that addresses today’s changing media industry landscape.

Below are recurring social issues addressed by Peabody Award winners and nominees between 2014-2019; winners indicated in bold; nominees in italics. While not an exhaustive list of all stories recognized by the program, it offers insight into how Peabody reflects the pulse of important issues of the day.