The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

Uncivil: The Raid (Gimlet Media)

Uncivil: The Raid
 2017 | Gimlet Media

“Uncivil: The Raid” is public history and family stories at their best and most impactful. An imaginative storytelling of the pivotal role played by 250 newly escaped formerly enslaved black Americans in the struggle for black freedom during the Civil War in South Carolina, the piece draws on community memories and the stories of descendants who participated in the raid to tell the engaging but little acknowledged story of the planning, execution (behind Confederate troop lines), and impact of the event beautifully. Showcasing this engaging story from the black people played in their own liberation. For contributing to our understanding of the details of this important event in a novel and engaging but rigorous and accurate way, and for appreciating the impact of this story of black freedom, “Uncivil: The Raid” is recognized with a Peabody Award.


Hosts: Chenjerai Kumanyika, Jack Hitt. Producers: Chris Neary, Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr., Chiquita Paschal. Senior Producer: Kimmie Regler. Editors: Pat Walters, Caitlin Kenney, Alex Blumberg, Jorge Just. Sound Mixer: Bobby Lord. Music: Bobby Lord, Matthew Boll, Haley Shaw, Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr., Anne Caldwell and the Magnolia Singers, Mount Zion AME Church.

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