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We’re almost there! Although the official Peabody Giving Day is over, help us reach our goal of $50,000 by the end of the day, Nov. 15. Click the “Give to Peabody” link above to make a gift TODAY! Gifts will benefit the scholarly research activities and initiatives of the Peabody Media Center, which focuses on public engagement with award-winning programs and their value to the public sphere.

“Each year, Peabody Award-winning stories and the issues they address make an impact in communities around the world,” Executive Director Jeffrey Jones said. “We are hopeful that those who believe in such powerful narratives—and the people who tell them—will join us in supporting this cultural institution.”

Peabody Awards reach across several different genres, bringing together notable filmmakers, intrepid journalists, fearless comedians and masterful storytellers to celebrate each other’s unique voices and insights into our shared human experience.

The Peabody Media Center amplifies such voices with unique digital productions such as Peabody Conversations, short backstage interviews that delve into the “story behind the story.”

“I love that our show sparks conversation and that people identify so closely with the people we’ve created,” Issa Rae, creator and star of “Insecure,” says after receiving a 2017 Peabody Awards for her series exploring the everyday lives of two black women living in L.A. through the lens of race and gender.

Expanding the reach of such programming is critical for building the Peabody legacy. Although named for philanthropist and Georgia native George Foster Peabody, the awards program does not operate from an endowment and must rely on entry fees and ticket sales to its annual awards ceremony to sustain the program.

The goal for Peabody Giving Day is $50,000. A challenge from a group of donors willing to match the campaign dollar-for-dollar raises the potential total impact to $100,000. The full amount of your gift is deductible as a charitable contribution. Gifts at the $10,000+ level will be mostly deductible as a charitable contribution.

Proceeds will support the following activities and initiatives:

The Peabody Media Center: The scholarly research and digital programming arm of the awards program, the Peabody Media Center (PMC) is focused on public engagement with Peabody Award-winning programs. From public convenings to scholarly reports and digital media productions, the PMC is committed to furthering the impact of award-winning storytelling around issues such as women’s rights and health, racial justice, gun violence, immigration, and the environment. The Center also serves to remind citizens of the importance of resilient quality journalism to democracy, especially in times of threats and duress.

The Peabody Student Honor Board: Undergraduate student involvement in the Peabody Awards process has evolved with the creation of the Peabody Student Honor Board (PSHB) who judge the Futures of Media Awards for excellence in digital storytelling. Students have the experiential and networking opportunity to present the Futures of Media Awards in a celebratory luncheon, as well as work as production assistants for the annual Peabody Awards ceremony and television special in New York. Private support will make possible student travel and accommodations for an experience that many call the apex of their UGA experience.

Those who donate $100 or more during Peabody Giving Day also have the opportunity to become a Friend of Peabody. Click here for more information.