75th Anniversary Peabody Awards Ceremony on Pivot

The 75th Anniversary Peabody Awards Ceremony aired on Pivot on Monday, June 6th at 8 p.m. The special provided viewers with a glimpse inside the event, which took place on Saturday, May 21, 2016. You can watch the special above, as it was first broadcast.

The unforgettable acceptance speeches of almost every winner is featured, including Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Jill Soloway of “Transparent,” Leslee Udwin of “India’s Daughter,” Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari of “Master of None” and Sam Esmail of “Mr. Robot.” Host Keegan-Michael Key hosts the show with his signature comedic style.

“If you watch this …, if you DVR this, you have literally given yourself a menu of all the stories that matter from the last year,” host Keegan-Michael Key said at the ceremony. “[Stories] that should resonate with you, that should should make you get up and do something.”

Dedicated to honoring stories that matter, this year’s awards also celebrated Peabody’s 75 years of recognizing the best in broadcast and digital media. Viewers should expect not only homages to the radio, television and web pieces of the past, they should also expect to gain insight on where the industry is headed.