Requesting a Fee Waiver

Any person or organization wishing to direct the attention of the Peabody Board to a meritorious program, series, or individual/organization may submit entries. Those who find the entry fee prohibitive may apply for an Entry Fee Waiver. Awards will be made on the basis of demonstrated financial need and appropriateness of the production to the goals and objectives of the Peabody Awards.

Applicants for an Entry Fee Waiver must pay their entry fee for their submission to be accepted, but will be refunded upon the award of a waiver. Applicants for a waiver must also check the appropriate space on the entry form and must submit with their entry: (1) a personal letter to the director of the Peabody Awards indicating the circumstances surrounding the production that qualify it for a waiver.

The Peabody Awards will review waiver requests and will notify applicants of their decision.