Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror) on Technological Dystopianism

Charlie Brooker Podcast Episode


Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker talks about the ways in which technology heightens our very human flaws and explains how satire and dystopianism are closely related.
We Disrupt This Broadcast Episode - Charlie Brooker

Episode Description


In this episode, Peabody Awards executive director Jeffrey Jones interviews Black Mirror’s showrunner and creator Charlie Brooker. They discuss the importance of interrogating technology’s role in our life, disrupting the “tech as savior” narrative, the way both satire and sci-fi imagine our potential (and potentially disastrous) futures and the clash between the ideals of technology and our very human flaws. In the second half, Gabe González talks to tech journalist Carole Cadwalladr about the limitations of journalism to affect change, and the importance of entertainment narratives such as Black Mirror to help the public see and understand the imminent dangers posed by a world increasingly shaped by “Big Tech.”

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