Winner 1995

Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation

A Discovery Journal Special, Discovery Channel, Bethesda, Maryland, Brian Lapping Associates for the BBC, London, England

This definitive record of the events associated with the collapse of Yugoslavia brings into focus the divergence of warring factions and the hostility among leaders on all sides. With superb narration by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, the various combatants tell their own stories, explaining how the gaps between them widened and why this region continues to be torn apart by ethnic conflict. Key political and military proceedings are painstakingly examined by producer-directors Angus MacQueen and Paul Mitchell. Remarkable footage includes previously unseen meetings of the Yugoslav State Council, the Croatian government’s secret efforts to smuggle arms into the country, and numerous “home video” and clandestine radio-telephone recordings made with key figures on all sides. In addition to the BBC and Discovery Channel, this remarkable program has also been seen on ORF (Austria), Canal Plus (France), VPRO (Holland), SVT2 (Sweden), RTBF (Belgium), NRK (Norway), Denmark Radio (Denmark) and ABC (Australia). For providing exhaustive and important documentation of an event of international significance, a Peabody to Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation.