Winner 2008

The New York Times

Aggressively and creatively adding sound and moving images to its traditional package of news and features, The New York Times has stepped forward as an innovator in online journalism. Its website exemplifies a new age for the press, expanding its role in ways unimaginable only a few years ago. Among the website’s most useful services in 2008 was “Choosing a President,” a comprehensive package that included documentary film, photojournalistic slide shows and user-friendly features such as candidate speeches on video accompanied by full transcriptions with key words that could be clicked for contextualization or fact checks. Among its most powerful was “War Torn: Substance Abuse and PTSD,” a similarly multi-faceted take on the troubling incidence of criminal behavior by Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. But the evidence of the Times’ embrace and mastery of new possibilities was everywhere and every day on its website—in expanded pictorials, diverse blogs, reader-input solicitations and movie appreciations smartly illustrated with video clips. For imaginatively bringing new technology to bear on classic journalistic technique, a Peabody Award goes to

PRIMARY PRODUCTION CREDITS video journalists, web producers, multimedia producers, audio producers, photographers, reporters and editors, including: Editors: Jim Roberts, Fiona Spruill, David Rummel, Ann Derry, Andrew DeVigal, Michele McNally. Reporters: Lizette Alvarez, Shayla Harris, Rob Harris, Katharine Q. Seelye, Ben Werschkul. Producers: Amy O’Leary, Zach Wise, Nancy Donaldson, David Scull.