Winner 1956

World In Crisis

CBS Television

To the Columbia Broadcasting System is given the George Foster Peabody Television Award for public service for its presentation of the one-hour long, full, and comprehensive visual report of the World In Crisis. In this program, as The New York Times stated, CBS “ably demonstrated what television can accomplish journalistically when it gets on with its job.” Notable was not only the short time from when the assignments were given to the actual time of broadcast, but also the geographic distances traversed and under conditions, in some instances, at real risk of life and limb. We commend CBS for the teamwork evident in this outstanding reporting achievement and mention specifically the names of Howard K. Smith, Winston Burdett, Ernest Leiser, Frank Donghi, Edward R. Murrow, Eric Servareid, Larry LeSeur, and David Schoenbrun, as well as the camera in Hungary and the Middle East. Here, with a nod to each of these and to President Frank Stanton, the 1956 Peabody Television Award for public service.