Winner, Interactive 2022

Lucy and the Wolves in the Walls

Fable Studio, Third Rail Projects, Sound+Design, Story Studio & Experiences (Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest)

Through the endearing and earnest narrative of Lucy and the Wolves in the Walls, Fable Studio deftly invites us to shift our perspective–to see the world as experienced by its eight-year-old protagonist, Lucy. This interactive journey transports us through the alchemy of VR into the role of a young girl’s imaginary friend. While we are invisible to all other characters in her life, for Lucy we are witness, confidant, and fellow explorer. Her eye contact with us is that much more meaningful because we go otherwise unseen. With a piece of chalk, she literally draws us into being. She gives us hands to interact with the world. So when she requests our trust, we give it, even when the rest of her family denies the evidence of her experience. Central to Lucy’s story is the delicate balance of truth, evidence, and belief. Lucy and the Wolves in the Walls is, at its heart, a celebration of wonder. It is a reminder of the liminal space of possibility we occupy as children. The audience desire to remain with Lucy in that space was so strong that the creators extended her life across multiple platforms—artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies—allowing us to communicate meaningfully with her in real time. For its sweet insistence that all is not as it seems in the world, that trust and belief transcend age, that neither adults nor children have cornered the market on truth, and for its invitation to be curious at every corner, Lucy and the Wolves in the Walls receives a Peabody.


Pete Billington, Director, Writer, Creator. Jessica Shamash, Creator & Producer. Edward Saatchi, Executive Producer. Saschka Unseld, Executive Producer & Orignal VR Conception. Kim Adams, Executive Producer. Max Planck, Executive Producer. Andy Wood, Producer. Chris Hanson, Producer. Ben Peck, Interactive Supervisor. Justin Schubert, CG Supervisor. Jamee Houk, Animation Supervisor. Kendal Cronkhite, Production Designer. Chris Wheeler, Head of Engineering. John Ballantyne, Technical Supervisor. Chris Wheeler, Rigging Supervisor. Todd Taylor, Rigging Supervisor. Bernhard Haux, Character Supervisor. Jeff Brown, Previs Supervisor. Goro Fujita, Art Director. Carlos León, Art Director. Megan Stifter, Technical Art Director. David R.S. Palumbo, Interactive Design. Lead Vanessa Rojas, Editor. Lizz Kupfer, Layout and Technical Animation Lead. Eleanor Thibeaux, Audio Producer. J. White, Sound Design Lead. Paul Gorman, Composer. Katherine Rundell, Additional Story. Marc Fletcher, Preproduction Interactive Supervisor. Ben Peck, Interactive Supervisor. Kent Hudson, Chapter One Interactive Supervisor. David R.S. Palumbo, Interactive Design Lead. John Ballantyne, Interactive Designer. John Bernhelm, Interactive Designer. Erin Tomson, Interactive Designer. Kathy Yuen, Interactive Designer. Jake Chiang, Interactive Intern. Megan Stifter, Technical Art Director, Environment Artist, Lead Shading Artist. David Huang, Set Designer. Vlad Bina, Set Designer. Kory Heinzen, Concept Aritst & Set Designer. Adrien Merigeau, Concept Artist. Ken Pak, Concept Artist. Annette Marnat, Concept Artist. Matt Burdette, Lead Environment Artist. Lenora Acidera, Environment Artist. Akin Bilgic, Environment Artist. Josh Michael Tyler, Environment Artist. Sabrina Reigel, Lead Shading Artist. Ardie Johnson, Character Modeler. Dave Otte, Character TD. Ramiro Lopez Dau, Preproduction Animation Supervisor. Eric Degner, Animator. Tim Soman , Animator. Melanie Cordan, Animator. Jenn Emberly, Animator. Ricky Lua, Animator. Kirsten Yamaguchi, Animator. Thierry Didonna, Animator. Kristen Willsher, Animator. Justin Schubert, CG Supervisor. Martin Mittring, Graphics Architect. Robert Chen, FX lead. Rachel Donnelly, Lighting Lead. Ronman Ng, Lighting Lead. Michael Catalano, FX TD. Chris Hamilton, FX TD. Lenora Acidera, Lighting Support. Brian Berringer, Previs Editor. Vanessa Rojas Editor. David Whited, Radio Play Editor. Alexis Palangie, Senior AI Engineer. Frank Carey, Principal AI / ML Researcher. Carson Sestili, ML Engineer. Tony Barbieri, Pipeline Engineer |Shannon Ryan, Development Producer. Angela Petrella, Development Producer. Jonathan Gleit, Marketing Producer. Terence Wan, Senior Production Coordinator. Arif Khan, Production Assistant. Matthew Chadwick, Additional production support. Will Littlejohn, Sound Design Director. Andrew Boyd, Sound Design Manager. Qiao Xue, Associate Audio Producer. Hunter Brown, Sound Designer. Yannis Brown, Sound Designer. Scott Dugdale, Sound Designer. Kent Jolly, Sound Designer. Sang Kim, Sound Designer. David Levison, Sound Designer. Jon Ojeda, Sound Designer. Mike Patterson, Sound Designer. Ethan Schreiber, Sound Designer. Lucy Sheils, Sound Designer. Spencer Selmon, Sound Designer. David Urrutia, Sound Designer. Sean Vora, Sound Designer. Alex Wilmer, Sound Designer. Jonathan Dodge Mayer, Music Production Manager. Justin Hunt, Music Producer. Ciel Eckard-Lee, Music Engineer. Jonathan Seiberlich, Tuba. Andy Leftwich, Violin. Yuri Kye, Additonal Violin. Terry Yervez, VO Recording Engineer. Robert Kessler, VO Recording Engineer. Andy Taub, VO Recording Engineer. Sami Perez, VO Recording Engineer. Matthew Voelker, VO Recording Engineer. Andrew Scanlan, VO Recording Engineer. Jon Olson, Wolf Sounds. Chris Julian, Foley Artist. Ken Felton, Foley Director|  Dave Nelson, Foley Engineer. Jennine Willett, Artistic Director. Zach Morris, Artistic Director. Elizabeth Carena, Mom Performance. Elisa Davis, Lucy Performance. Kim Fischer, Brother and Dad Performance. Andrew Broaddus, Additional Performance. Brighid Green, Additional Performance. Joseph Harris, Additional Performance. Mike Sanders, Senior Visual Director. Evan Button, Motion Capture Producer. Michael Jantz, Motion Capture Supervisor. Andre Lopez, Performance Capture Lead. Kasey Morrison, General Manager. Megan McDonald, Head of Operations. Truc Hoang, Chief Financial Officer. Maureen Gottschall, Financial Controller. Tim O’Connor, Studio Accountant. Heather Tahl, Executive Assistant. Cora Jaeschke, Studio Assistant. Ryan Thomas, Additional support. Priyam Parikh, Additional support. Philipp Maas, Additional support. Ric Carrasquillo, Additional support. Florian Bernard, Additional support. Maryyann Landlord, Additional support. Pouyan Afkary, Business Development Consultant. Colum Slevin, Experiences Executive Producer. Yelena Rachitsky, Experiences Executive Producer. Ryan Hoster, IT Department. Christina Tanouye, Office Manager. Matt Doherty, Facilities Manager. Asher Norland, Rendering Programer. Scott Resnick,. Rendering Programer. Alan Villani,. Rendering Programer. Steve Ellmore, Rendering President. Eleanor Robinson, Rendering Associate Producer. Danny Olson, Quality Assurance Manager. Jeff Custis, Quality Assurance Analyst. Arnaud Colinart, Quest Development Supervisor. Dash Spiegelman, Quest Development Producer. Bruno Chabanel, ARTEFACT CEO. Olivier Gaudino, Quest Production Director. Allan Guis, Quest Producer. Tom Lenourichel, Quest Producer. Sébastien Alzamora, Quest Technical Director. Jean-Marie Godeau, Quest Art Manager. Jérôme Pichard, Quest Technical Director. Nicolas Barroso, Quest Rendering Programmer. Emmanuel Body Hinrichsen, Lead Programmer. Laurent Kargul, Programmer Laurent Chevalier, Consulting Lead Programer. Christophe Brugal, Lead Animator. Antoine Baudino, 3D Artist. Thomas Miège, 3D Artist. Charles Mousquet, 3D Artist. Vincent Percevault, G4F CEO |Michèle Kopff, Lead Quest Sound Designer. Thomas Chastagnol, Quest Sound Designer.  Philipp Maas, Director, Writer of Lucy Life. Halley Lamberson, Producer, Writer of Lucy’s Life. Niki Golob, Jr. Producer, Social Media Content of Lucy’s Life. Charles Shaw, Engagement Lead, Wizard Technician, Co-Writer of Lucy’s Life. David Palumbo, Experience Designer of Lucy’s Life. Kris Hsu, Experience Designer of Lucy’s Life. Sean Carey, Intern of Lucy’s Life. Alexander Mass, Composer of Lucy’s Life. Ben Peck, Technical Artist of Lucy’s Life. Carson Sestilli, Engineer of Lucy’s Life Chris Wheeler, Wizard Engineeer of Lucy’s Life. Frank Carey, Wizard Engineer of Lucy’s Life. Edward Saatchi, Executive Producer of Lucy’s Life. Pete Billington, Executive Producer of Lucy’s Life. Jessica Shamash, Executive Producer of Lucy’s Life Cadence Goblirsch, Lucy’s Voice.