Winner 1996

Wise Up

Carlton Television for Channel 4

This fast-paced, 30-minute weekly children’s program eschews traditional formats. In so doing, it offers unique insight into the interests and aspirations of its audience members. Each week, this magazine series—aimed for children between the ages of 10 and 15—introduces a new team of young people who act as hosts, reporters, and confidants; there are no adult presenters or reporters. The revolving cast of contributors maintains a central focus, which is a better understanding by children and teenagers of the important issues faced by their generation (and their parents). A critical element of the program is its opportunity for youth to question adults, including such authority figures as politicians, pop stars, and educators. The topics range from important issues (such as environmental hazards, treatment of animals, tobacco use, and racial discrimination), to more light-hearted lifestyle items (including how to have a good house party, and how to identify fake designer clothes). Throughout, there is a singular emphasis on encouraging young people to become active in public service. Executive producer Lewis Rudd and producer Mick Robertson provide expert guidance, as do associate producer Jan Leventhall, editor Lucinda Whiteley, and directors Martin Wallace, Zoe Dobson, and Julian Kemp. For presenting an exceptional and important series for children and adolescents, a Peabody to Wise Up.