Winner 1991

Who’s Watching the Store


“How would you feel if every time you walked into a store you were secretly watched by security guards, treated like a thief?” asks Joel Grover of KSTP-TV’s I-Team. Such discrimination is against the law, but nonetheless minority shoppers are often subject to this treatment. Through exemplary investigative reporting and the judicious use of hidden cameras and microphones KSTP-TV’s I-Team uncovered the truth about racism as practiced at the American shopping mall. Despite the threat of economic loss to the station, the I-Team’s reporter and executive producer Joel Grover together with Angela Cushman and photographer and editor Deb Lyngdal stayed with the story for the betterment of the community they serve. Faced with undeniable evidence, major retailers in the Twin Cities have taken positive steps toward the elimination of this type of discrimination. For Who’s Watching the Store, a Peabody to KSTP-TV.


Executive Producers: Joel Grover. Producer: Angela Cushman. Editors: Deb Lyngdal, Tim Jones. Reporter: Joel Grover.