Winner 1986

Who’s Behind the Wheel?


Each day many of us entrust the safety of our children to others, such as day-care workers, teachers and cooks. Often the day begins at the bus stop when the school bus door is closed by an anonymous driver whose competence to handle this important task is often unknown. In a shocking expose, which led to a direct and immediate response, the WTMJ-TV investigative team, which included executive producers Glenn Kleiman and Tom Luljack, producer Ray Lapine and writer/anchor Mick Jacobs, highlighted the poor driving records of a number of school bus drivers in Milwaukee. Through intensive analysis of public records it was discovered that there was an average of at least one school bus accident a day; that many of the drivers were unlicensed; that some had histories of poor driving; and that some even had criminal driving records. Who’s Behind the Wheel? led to a range of actions, including new and expanded driver review procedures by those responsible for school bus operations. Most importantly, it led to a safer environment for Milwaukees children. For all this, a Peabody Award to WTMJ-TV for Who’s Behind the Wheel.