Winner 1989

POV: Who Killed Vincent Chin?

Film News Now Foundation, WTVS, Detroit, Michigan, in association with P.O.V., New York, New York

In our increasingly violent society, it is perhaps too easy to overlook any single murder, especially one of the myriad that occur in high crime urban areas. However, Who Killed Vincent Chin? uses the murder of a young Chinese-American as a metaphor for the urban unrest, racism, and class conflict that characterize contemporary society. Produced and directed by Christine Choy and Renee Tajima, this gripping documentary permitted perpetrators, victims, family members, activists, and members of the criminal justice system the opportunity to tell their own stories. The result was a stirring and revealing expose of the nature of urban unrest and racial bitterness that lead ultimately to senseless acts. For a documentary of unusual clarity and insight, a Peabody Award to Who Killed Vincent Chin?