Winner 1983

What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?

CBS Entertainment, Mendelson-Melendez Productions

It is rare, indeed, not to learn something from just about anything Charles Schulz had a part in creating. Charlie Brown just simply has that certain something that not only entertains but almost always imparts a message of very real importance. What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? is no exception. The Peanuts are tourists winding their way through France. They get entangled in all sorts of things. But, most importantly, they find themselves caught up in the memory of those who fought there during World War Il. The result is a touching tribute, not just to those who served the cause of freedom, but to Lee Mendelson, Bill Melendez, and Charles Schulz and to all the members of their fine production team. This is one program which audiences will never tire of seeing. This is one which will always leave a special message with those who see and enjoy it. This is one clearly deserving of Peabody recognition.