Winner, Interactive 2023

We Are OFK


We Are OFK is a virtual music project and interactive narrative that follows a group of friends who form a band. Throughout the episodic adventure game, players experience the journey through the varying perspectives of a diverse cast showcasing intersectional LGBTQ+ identities. The story explores conflicts of creative enterprise, including money, mental health, and loss, as well as the unique challenges of creative work in the digital age. By centering queer friendship, We Are OFK makes space for underrepresented identities and stories while crafting an overarching narrative that has wide resonance. The ethereal artwork, excellent writing and acting, and powerful music combine to create a delightful world that lives on for the audience outside the game. For offering an interactive and inclusive experience that combines music and authentic storytelling, We Are OFK wins a Peabody Award.


Director & Game Designer: Teddy Dief. Producer: Mikayla Foote. Lead Developer: Jarryd Huntley. Co-Lead Developer: Adriel Wallick. Developer: Kezia Adamo. Writers: Teddy Dief, Claire Jia. Art Direction: Jenny Yu, Nafisah Tung. Character Design: Nafisah Tung. Background Design & Layout: Killian Ng. Lead Animation: Taylor Reynolds. Animation: DeVon Beasley. Technical Animation: Jane Kim. Technical Art Direction: Chelsea Hash. Sound Design: Akash Thakkar. Score Composer: omniboi. Casting & Voice Direction: Khris Brown. Talent: Ally Maki, Fiona Rene, Syhaya Aviel, Teddy Dief, Deedee Magno, Erika Ishii, Greg Chun, Kaiji Tang, Kimberly Brooks, Krizia Bajos, Miguel Angel Caballero, Sara Amini, Yuri Lowenthal. OFK Songwriter & Producers: Luna Shadows, Thomas Powers. Concerto Composer: Nicole Brady. Background Art: Chelsea Blecha, Charles Hilton, Kat Tsai, Henry Wong. 3D Art: Elora Pautrat, Jack Covell, David Reynolds. OFK Song Mixer: Beatriz Artola. Score Mixer: Jorel Corpus. OFK & Score Mastering Engineer: Jett Galindo.