Winner 1953

Watch Mr. Wizard

NBC Television

Intended primarily for children and youth, Watch Mr. Wizard is not without educational value for adults. A testimony, in fact, to the quality and character of this program is that many of its viewers are adults who are sufficiently well informed in the fields treated to know just what a discerning and socially useful job Don Herbert (Mr. Wizard) is doing. The judgment of these older persons is further confirmed by the hundreds of commendatory letters received each week from teachers, P.T.A. groups, scientists, and others; and by the five thousand “Mr. Wizard” Science Clubs that are an outgrowth of this program in 42 states, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and the District of Columbia. With a nod to director, Don Meier and producer, Jules Pewowar, and with the notation that here is a captivating example of how education can be made progressive without the loss of fundamentals, the George Foster Peabody Award for children’s and youth television programs is presented to Watch Mr. Wizard.