Institutional 2008

Institutional Award: Washington Week with Gwen Ifill & National Journal


For public-affairs enthusiasts who prefer illumination to confrontational fireworks, Washington Week with Gwen Ifill & National Journal has long been the gold standard. Thoughtful, informed and timely, its Friday-night political recaps rely not on columnists, editorial writers or anybody with an ax to grind but on beat reporters from a variety of publications and networks, from Time to Politico to CNN. They share their notes and insights in a lively but civil manner under Gwen Ifill’s enthusiastic questioning. During the long 2008 campaign season, Washington Week was a whistle stop in your living room, supplementing its usual Beltway broadcasts with a “Road Show” series staged in front of live audiences in eight different cities. For its reasoned, reliable contribution to the national discourse, Washington Week with Gwen Ifill & National Journal receives a Peabody Award.


Executive producers: Chris Guarino, Dalton Delan, Jeff Bieber. Producers: Alla Lora, Kathryn Lynch, Timothy Dombro, Joy Barker Mallek. Directors: Joseph Camp, Sue Ann Staake-Wayne. Host: Gwen Ifill (Managing Editor & Moderator).