Winner 2023

War in the Holy Land

PBS NewsHour, PBS News

Just six days after October 7, PBS Newshour aired this impressive hour-long special report capturing the horror of the Hamas attack on Israel and Israel’s brutal retaliation in Gaza. On the ground in the region, co-anchor Amna Nawaz conducted emotional interviews with families of Israeli hostages and Palestinians under siege, as well as anguished veterans of the shattered peace process. Meanwhile, producers at NewsHour headquarters pulled together archival footage, expert interviews, and polling data to help viewers understand the tortured history of the region and how hardliners had come to power on both sides. Over the following two weeks, NewsHour correspondent Leila Molana-Allen—working with only one producer and one cameraman—filed a series of compelling reports on Israeli and Palestinian victims, as well as blunt critics of both Hamas and the Israeli government, that showed compassion and a sophisticated understanding of the politics of the region. For covering the most divisive international story of our time with immediacy, fairness, and vital context, War in the Holy Land wins a Peabody Award.


Senior Executive Producer: Sara Just. Senior Producers: Morgan Till, Emily Carpeaux, Daniel Sagalyn, Anne Azzi Davenport, Murrey Jacobson. Producers: Mike Fritz, Sam Lane, Murrey Jacobson, Diana Odeh, Karl Bostic, Erez de Costa, Nidal Rafa, Tamer Obeidat, Daniel Yaacobi, Noa Aharonovici, Abed Shanas, Hitham Shanas, Mahmoud Abed Alraham, Andrew Corcoran, Teresa Cebrian Aranda, Zeba Warsi, Frank Carlson, Maea Lenei Buhre, Sarah Clune, Diane Lincoln Estes, Mary Fecteau, Ryan Connelly Holmes, Layla Quran, Sam Weber. Senior Managing Producer: Richard Coolidge. Senior Broadcast Producer: Gretchen Frazee. Senior Editorial Producer: Stephanie Kotuby. Executive Producer: Rachel Wellford.  Editorial Producer: Juilet Fuisz. Managing Producer: Patti Parson. Coordinating Producer: Laura Santhanam. Associate Producers: Madison Staten, Solveig Rennan, Jonah Anderson, Eliot Barnhart. Director: Joe Camp. Associate Directors: Janice Huey, Jason Johnson. Editors: Yasmeen Alamiri, Stuart Cohen, Hamada Hanoura, Jon Miles, Dan Knapp, Bob Hartman, John Morgan. Special Correspondent: Leila Molana-Allen. Co-Anchors: Amna Nawaz, Geoff Bennett. Cinematography: Eric O’Connor, Shams Odeh, Jorgen Samso Nielsen, Tanya Aizikovich. Camera: Ali Jaafar, Ryan Primmer, Elvin Sangaro, Carol Wetovich. Creative Director: Kojo Boateng. Graphic Artists: Daniel Davis, Wesam Sorour. Motion Designer: Bobby Cohen.