Winner 1985

Vietnam Ten Years After

NBC News

The tenth anniversary of the United States’ withdrawal from Vietnam was commemorated by many radio and television stations and networks. Of the numerous attempts to recount the meaning of American involvement in Southeast Asia and its subsequent impact, NBC News’ Vietnam Ten Years After stands out as the premier example of overall excellence. The talented president of NBC News, Larry Grossman, has demonstrated that a first-rate team can producer first-rate results. The NBC White Paper, Vietnam—Lessons of a Lost War anchored by Chief Diplomatic Correspondent Marvin Kalb, was a part of this fine effort. Correspondent John Hart ably contributed to the excellent endeavor with his week-long series on the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. Bryant Gumbel went to Vietnam to give TODAY program viewers a studied look. The distinguished reporting of Garrick Utley brought additional luster to this comprehensive inquiry. For a major contribution to American broadcast journalism, a Peabody Award to NBC News for their overall effort in returning to Vietnam Ten Years After.