Winner 1952

Victory at Sea

NBC Television

The Peabody Committee takes particular pride in making a Special Award in honor of Victory at Sea, a series dramatizing the heroism and sacrifice in the great Naval engagements of the Second World War. In terms of primacy, credit should be divided between Robert W. Sarnoff, Vice-President of NBC Film Division, for his unflagging support of such a costly project, and Henry Salomon who originated the idea and for two years dedicated himself to the writing and production of the script. The skill in selecting and editing these twenty-six superb programs shown on NBC-TV calls for tribute to the editor, Isaac Kleinerman, and to the director, M. Clay Adams; to Captain Walter Karig for steering the production through Naval channels; to Richard Rodgers who composed the original and magnificent musical score of thirteen hours, and to Robert Russell Bennett who converted Mr. Rodgers’ score to a full symphony orchestration and who conducted the NBC Orchestra through the performance—to all of these, our heartfelt gratitude. This is one of those lasting achievements which I hope we shall be permitted to see again in years to come.