Winner 1999

VH1 Save The Music Campaign

VH1 Public Affairs, MTV Networks

For three years, VH1 has dedicated itself to improving the quality of music education in America’s schools by restoring music programs and by donating musical instruments. By the close of 1999, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation had generated more than $25 million in support of music education and had created more than 350 music programs in 30 cities, reaching more than 120,000 children. Its goal is to bring music instruction to a million children by 2007. The VH1 Save The Music campaign exemplifies all the qualities of a proactive and successful public service effort. Partners with the cable and satellite industry in this effort include the National School Boards Association, the U.S. Department of Education, Chief State School Officers Association, the Arts Education Partnership, The National Association for Music Education, the International Music Products Association and America’s Promise-The Alliance for Youth. VH1 communicates its purpose through a wide range of media, from its celebrated Divas Live/99 and other concert series, to the Internet, to print advertisements and public service announcements, even a feature film. Supported by research indicating that early involvement with instrumental music improves learning in children, VH1 is stemming the decades-old decline of music education programs. Particular credit is due to VH1 president John Sykes, executive producer Bob Morrison and producers Irma Rodriguez and Jennifer Lynch. For its model public-private partnership, and for making a difference by helping kids learn about and make music, a Peabody Award goes to the VH1 Save The Music Campaign.