Interactive 2018


Directed by Aaron Bradbury

“Vestige” is the grief-filled journey through the mind of Lisa Elin after the loss of her husband, Erik Craighead, recorded in a series of interviews and portrayed in a beautiful live-captured, multi-narrative VR experience. Set within a black void, fragments of their life together materialize as recalled by Lisa. Subsequent viewings offer unique journeys through Lisa’s story, as different explorations trigger different memories. A deeply emotional account of grief, memory, and love, “Vestige” places viewers through the highs and lows of Lisa’s memories the way only brilliant VR can.


Director: Aaron Bradbury. Producers: Paul Mowbray, Antoine Cayrol, Jill Basmajian. Creative Producer: Lisa Elin. Co-Producers: NSC Creative, Atlas V, Kaleidoscope, RYOT. Developed by: NSC Creative. Distributor: Other Set. Composer: Starkey.