Winner 1971

United Nations Day Concert With Pablo Casals

United Nations Television

Just as the United Nations has worked for world peace, so has Maestro Pablo Casals devoted his unsurpassed talents as cellist, composer and conductor to the promotion of peace and international understanding. Through his music and the force of his personal convictions, Maestro Casals has communicated to the people of the world a new and deeper understanding of the brotherhood of man. His voice and his music have reached millions of people with the message of peace and beauty upon which international understanding must be based. Maestro Casals composed the music to the United Nations Hymn and conducted a concert of music in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the United Nations, in which Casals’ lifelong friends, violinists Isaac Stern and Alexander Serkin, participated. The event, produced by UN Television and telecast throughout the world, was outstanding in the records of the television industry and in the history of man’s search for the universal communion of mankind. For this extraordinary service in the promotion of international understanding, the George Foster Peabody Radio and Television Award is being presented to United Nations Television.