Winner 2003

Atlantic Public Media

As described by its creators and staff, is a multi-faceted online resource for both aspiring and established radio producers, and a showcase for new and varied radio documentaries, features, and audio art. The site is designed to provide opportunity for participation by those who are increasingly shut out of conventional media. This outstanding Web site, the first free standing site to receive the George Foster Peabody Award, provides technical information and conceptual instruction for experienced radio producers, as well as those aspiring to present their own distinct perspectives and voices within a media mix too often defined by sameness and repetition. Technical information extends from advice on equipment purchases to details of the production process. The site also provides active consideration of what makes good radio. Reviews, articles, commentary, and discussion make it clear that equipment and technique are never enough to create outstanding work. Most significantly, selects and programs material produced by its users, making a place for those who have little access to mainstream media to be heard. Jay Allison is the executive producer for, working with producers Sydney Lewis, Viki Merrick, Chelsea Merz, Jeff Towne, and Helen Woodward. The Web director is Josh Barlow. For linking “old” and “new” media in a manner that expands the role of both, a Peabody Award goes to