Winner 2021



The wordplay at work in Vice’s series Transnational is, perhaps, all too obvious as a collection of reported stories that spotlight various trans communities around the world: from the ballroom scene in Detroit to a government-sponsored safe haven in Mexico City, with stops in the UK and Indonesia along the way. But in grouping them together and cutting across them—building, as it were, a trans-national collective—Vice’s team has wisely pushed back against any notion of the global trans community as being any kind of monolith. There are, for sure, similar struggles for trans and gender nonconforming folks globally; but in highlighting specific struggles and modes of communion, Transnational finds a way to honor collectivity in individuality, the many in the few. Moreover, even as it focuses on on-the-ground activists and their hard-earned victories, each episode also celebrates the joy that can exist within resistance. There’s an agency to the reporting here; no doubt a byproduct of this GLAAD Media Award-winning endeavor being fronted by a team of trans journalists, including on-camera talent like Freddy McConnell, Alyza Enriquez, Eva Reign, and Rana Thamrin. For treating global trans issues with the dignity, respect, and rigor they deserve, offering audiences a wide-ranging snapshot of a community that is so often defined by the crises hoisted upon it, Transnational receives a Peabody.


Network/Station/Platform:  Vice News Tonight. Creators:  Sarah Burke, Alyza Enriquez, Hendrik Hinzel, Daniel Ming, Trey Strange, Daisy Wardell. Showrunners:  Sarah Burke, Courtney Brooks, Stacey Sommer, Lena Jakobsson. Executive Producers:  Vivek Kemp, Maral Usefi, Subrata De, Katie Drummond. Associate Producers/Producers:  Daniel Ming, David Mora, Lara Heintz, Hendrik Hinzel, Tony Lin, Jeet Mashru, Michael Segalov, Rendy Wicaksana, Anya Zoledziowski, Zoya Lobo, Gazal Dhaliwal, Celeste Erlander, Alyza Enriquez. Writers:  Trey Strange, Hendrik Hinzel, Sarah Burke, Eva Reign, Gazal Dhaliwal, Tony Lin, Daniel Ming, Freddy McConnell, Alyza Enriquez. Editors:  Patrick Mannion, Dylan Lopez, Daniel Fetherston, Joe Matoske, Rachel Win, Ilaria Polsonetti, Anne Garrett, Jamie Leventhal, Daniel Card. Reporters/Correspondents:  Gazal Dhaliwal, Alyza Enriquez, Freddy McConnell, Eva Reign, Rana Thamrin. Design and Technical Staff:  Daisy Wardell, Ana Simões, Rio Roye, Raquel Rei, Sungpyo Hong, Emma Newmark, Lexie Mansfield, Ben Miller, Nolan Metcalf, Keith Overton, Louis Jardin, Angela Rath, Beatriz Acevedo, Joe Burns, Kevin Soares, Kevin Keane, Tim Rousseau, Abbie Moir, Jacob Nemeth, William Flynn, Chris Beardslee, John Northcraft, Brian Arnold, Edwin Rodriguez. Cinematography:  Daniel Bateman, Solanki Chakraborty, Jika Gonzalez, Cassandra Giraldo, Hendrik Hinzel, Javier Manzano, Anuradha Pathak, Philip Pendlebury, Thomas Richardson. Sound/Music:  Cruce Grammatico, Rahul Telang, Jakub Alexander, Danny Scales, Daisy Wardell, Cayce Fischer, Chase Stafford. Production Management:  Susan Kennedy, Nicole Huber, Sharbil Nammour, Ramy Ghaly.