Winner 1984

To Save Our Schools, To Save Our Children

ABC News Closeup

The quality of education provided our children is an issue that strikes at the heart of the American democratic system. Concern for the health and future of universal, free public education has never been greater. To Save Our Schools, To Save Our Children is an unusually incisive and in-depth examination into this issue. In three hours of prime viewing time, executive producer Pamela Hill, senior producer Richard Richter, host and co-author Marshall Frady and the rest of the ABC News Closeup unit successfully captured the nature and extent of the contemporary educational crisis. Each hour of the program was itself a carefully researched treatment of a single aspect of the problem. The point of view of students, teachers, and the public at large was presented and examined with unusual clarity and insight. For addressing a serious issue of national importance with fairness, and for presenting divergent points of view of its causes, symptoms, and solutions, a Peabody to ABC News Closeup for To Save Our Schools, To Save Our Children.