Winner 1983

Times Beach: Born 1925, Died 1983

KMOX Radio

There are few Missourians who noted the beginning of Times Beach, Missouri, in 1925. However, most will not forget its end in 1983. KMOX Radio brought the diverse talents of an excellent team together and gave its listeners a penetrating analysis of what the widespread use of the toxic chemical dioxin had done in Missouri. This year’s long effort culminated in seeking answers to the larger questions that chemical wastes pose for society. The documentary series was of a size and complexity that strained even a radio giant such as KMOX. But in the opinion of the Peabody Board it was handled capably, honestly, and in keeping with the high traditions that have been the hallmark of this station through the years. In recognizing this great effort the Peabody Board recognizes the contributions of general manager Robert Hyland, news director John Angelides, producers David St. John and Kent Martin, and narrator Bob Hardy.