Winner 1996

The X-Files

FOX, Ten Thirteen Productions, in association with Twentieth Television

With The X-Files, creator and executive producer Chris Carter, co-executive producers Howard Gordon and R.W. Goodwin, and a multi-talented team of producers, writers, and actors have developed a unique television drama. In combining currents in contemporary science with the best elements of science fiction, The X-Files creates its own universe, where normal and paranormal can co-exist, although not always very peacefully. One great achievement of the series is its ability to convey ideas that are both entertaining and thought-provoking, the kind of television that stimulates conversation the next day at the family table or around the office water cooler. The chemistry between stars David Duchovny (agent Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Dr. Dana Scully) is as powerful as any on television, and offers proof (at least to this point), that on TV it is still possible for co-workers of the opposite sex to sustain a successful platonic relationship. The X-Files has broken new ground in television science fiction, with a comparative de-emphasis on special effects gimmickry in favor of a focus on the larger questions about the spiritual nature of science and humankind. For outstanding levels of production excellence, writing, and performing, and for its ability to stimulate thinking and discussion about numerous inexplicable phenomena (including the motives of government officials), a Peabody Award is presented to The X-Files.