Nominee 2022

The Wealth Vortex

Center for Public Integrity and Transmitter Media (Center for Public Integrity)

The second season of the podcast The Heist, “The Wealth Vortex” follows entrepreneur ReShonda Young’s efforts to address America’s longstanding racial wealth gap by opening the first Black-owned bank in the country in 20 years—and the many obstacles she faces along the way.


Creator/Talent: Jamie Smith Hopkins. Executive Producer: Gretta Cohn, Wilson Sayre. Associate Producer/Producer/Writer: Camille Peterson, Mitchell Johnson, Isabel Carter. Editor: Sara Nics, Shoshi Shmuluvitz, Jennifer LaFleur, Matt DeRienzo, Jordan Bailey. Photography: Brenna Norman. Design and Technical Staff: Lisa Yanick Litwiller, Janeen Jones, Ashley Clarke, Alex Eichenstein, Kimberly Cataudella, Sophie Austin, Peter Newbatt Smith. Cinematography: Rotor Visual. Sound/Music: Rich Kwan.