Winner 1985

The Times of Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk Project, Inc., Thirteen/WNET, New York, New York

The Times of Harvey Milk is the story of the extraordinary rise to power of Harvey Mil, an openly-gay camera store owner who became one of San Francisco’s most well-known political leaders, and his assassination at the hands of Dan White. It successfully captures the reaction of San Franciscans when they learned of the murder of Milk and Mayor George Moscone and carefully details the events of White’s subsequent trial. Using the testimonies of allies and adversaries, chronicles of the time, as well as an exhaustive inventory of local and regional news coverage, The Times of Harvey Milk carefully explores the varied and sometimes opposing points of view of the man and his movement. From the complexity and controversy of the period emerges a more substantial understanding. For this, a Peabody Award to The Times of Harvey Milk.