Winner 1985

The Skin Horse

Central Independent Television, London, UK, WETA-TV, Washington, DC

The Skin Horse is an outspoken consideration of a subject not often discussed or treated on television: the emotional and sexual lives of the disabled. Originally produced for British television in 1983 the program was broadcast in the U.S. by WETA-TV, Washington in October 1985. It received endorsements from virtually every major national organization dealing with disability. In this production the Peabody Board found that the subject became real to the viewer and that many misconceptions regarding disabilities and the disabled were stripped away. In addition, the delicate subject matter of the program was handled with taste, honesty, and full propriety without resorting to sensationalism or exploitation. For taking on such a challenging task and for innovative ways in which the challenge was met, a Peabody to The Skin Horse.