The Schubert Theatre: 75 Years of Memories

Connecticut Public Radio

The producers of this magnificent piece of radio nostalgia gave members of the Peabody Board a step-by-step account of just how the program came into being. Their descriptions in the entry form, however, could not do justice to the quality of the program itself. One has to listen to do that. Co-producers Faith Middleton and Diane Orson have worked uncommon magic to bring to the ear of the listener a moving picture of why the Shubert played such an important part in the history of New Haven. The story is told largely through the voice-pictures recalled by those who attended the memorable performances—including the world premiers of Oklahoma, South Pacific,My Fair Lady, The King and I, Carousel, The Sound of Music, and many, many others just as quickly recognized. For this unforgettable radio experience, a Peabody Award.