Winner 1981

The Red Army

WGBH-TV, Granada-TV, London, UK

As one program in the superb series World, The Red Army demonstrates that a cooperative effort between two respected television operations can bring out the best in both. WGBH in Boston, one of the nation’s truly outstanding television operations, sought out Granada-TV in Great Britain to co-produce this incisive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the military forces of the Soviet Union. Executive producer David Fanning, himself no stranger at Peabody Awards ceremonies, worked closely with co-producers Brian Blake and Andrew Cockburn, (who wrote the excellent script), to produce an exceptionally engaging program. It showed that the armed forces of the Soviet Union are subject to many of the same problems which plague-and have plagued military forces of all other nations, including the United States. For The Red Army, a Peabody Award to WGBH and Granada-TV.