Winner 1961

“The Reader’s Almanac” and “Teenage Book Talk”

WNYC Radio

It is the considered opinion of the Peabody Awards Board that television and radio, far from being the ogres book publishers once labeled them, are actually a stimulant to the cause of good book reading in America. Proof of the pudding is the resounding success scored by two radio programs devoted entirely to books by station WNYC, New York’s fine municipal broadcasting system. One of the programs is The Reader’s Almanac, conducted since 1934 by Professor Warren Bower of the New York University Writing Center. The other is Teenage Book Talk, presented, unrehearsed, every Saturday morning by New York Public Library and produced by Lillian Okun. To station WNYC and these two programs goes a richly deserved Peabody Award, with a special vote of appreciation from the Chairman of the Peabody Board.