Institutional 1988

Institutional Award: WJLA-TV for The Radon Watch Campaign


WJLA-TV’s radon awareness campaign was a massive undertaking that included public service and promotional announcements, news stories, and programs. In addition, the station made radon testers available to the public at cost and distributed more than 50 thousand brochures that provided information about radon. The station identified a problem in the community, researched it thoroughly, reported what it discovered to its viewers, and helped them learn if they were affected. While the focus of this campaign was local, the problem is nationwide. The campaign provides a template for other station to use in their own areas and many have begun to do just that. The Radon Watch Campaign shows what a television station can do to serve its community. This campaign is double important because it rallied people to take action that might protect their long-term health. For meritorious service to its community, a Peabody to WJLA-TV for The Radon Watch Campaign.