Winner 2013

The Race Card Project

The Race Card Project, NPR News, NPR’s Morning Edition

This project, headed up by Michele Norris, undercuts the political, pejorative meaning of the term “race card” by asking people to use six words to summarize their thoughts and experiences about race and send them in on postcards, emails, or tweets. Initially compiled on a website (, the descriptions eventually grew into a regular segment on NPR’s Morning Edition. A single six-word description such as “Ask who I am, not what,” “Mexican white girl doesn’t speak Spanish” or “My mixed kids have it differently” opened up complicated, vulnerable and insightful discussions about race that we rarely hear in public spaces. The segments featured enlightening commentary from the authors about their own racial experiences. In a succinct 7 ½ minutes, we get a glimpse into the nuances of personal experience with race –- ones that we might never hear, even from somebody we have known for years. For encouraging public discussion about diversity in ways that cut through obvious differences to present unique and individual lived experiences, The Race Card Project receives a Peabody Award.


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