Winner 2010

The Promised Land with Host Majora Carter

Launch Productions, Minneapolis, American Public Media

Talk radio today encompasses sermonizing, pontification, bloviating and a fair amount of interesting chitchat, but rarely do we hear sustained, smart conversation about ideas. The Promised Land with Host Majora Carter is not conventional talk radio. Carter gets out and about with her guests. But even when she’s up a tree in the Olympic rain forest with Nalini Nadkarni, “queen of forest canopy research,” she’s engaged in a buoyant dialogue about biodiversity, climate and sustainability. Carter, a pioneer in sustainable urban living, aka “ghetto greening,” devotes her airtime to visionary Americans who are pursuing ideas and projects to make their immediate communities and the wider world a here-and-now “promised land.” Her guests have included John Francis, a man who gave up all motor vehicles for walking 22 years ago and gets along quite well, thank you, and nature lovers Frank and Audrey Peterman, founders of Keeping It Wild, an organization that encourages black Americans to make more use of our national park system. For facilitating rousing, at times profound conversation about making our society cleaner, greener, more sustainable and just, The Promised Land with Host Majora Carter receives a Peabody Award.


Executive producer: Marge Ostroushko. Producers: Mary Beth Kirchner, Emily Botein. Technical director: Robin Wise. Writers: Stevie Beck. Host: Majora Carter. Web & production assistant: Emily Torgrimson. Photographer: James Chase.