Winner 1995

The Private Life of Plants

Turner Original Productions, Atlanta, Georgia, BBC Natural History, London, England

They smell heavenly, have multiple sex partners, and reproduce in the thousands. We can’t live without them and yet if we get too close, they can draw blood. What are they? Plants. British naturalist David Attenborough explores the secrets of plant life throughout the world in this intriguing and fast-paced six-hour documentary series. Using the latest in time-lapse microphotography, this series examines the world of plants and its hazards from the point of view of the plants themselves. In the skilled hands of Mr. Attenborough, executive producer Pat Mitchell, series producer Mike Salisbury and producers Neil Nightingale, Mike Salisbury, and Keith Scholey, this fact-packed documentary series reveals an astonishing unseen universe. Special mention is due the photographers for their exceptional work, including Tim Shepherd, Richard Kirby, Richard Ganniclifft, Neil Bromhall and Gavin Thurston. For showing us just how compelling it can be to watch our gardens grow, a Peabody to Turner Original Productions and BBC Natural History for The Private Life of Plants.