Winner 1981

The Odyssey of Homer

National Radio Theatre

National Radio Theatre of Chicago merits a Peabody Award for The Odyssey of Homer. Eight one-hour episodes of a true classic were brought to life in an exciting way by professional actors using a new translation of Homer. While retaining the beauty and style of the original, this new version proved most appropriate for radio. The results were monumental. Seldom has a classic been produced with such loving care and understanding. To aid in the understanding of, and the appreciation for the classic legend, leading scholars explained an aspect of Homeric style or ancient culture at the beginning of each episode. Under the guiding hands of the talented Yuri Rasovsky and the very able Kerry Frumkin, who served as co-producer and who researched, wrote and edited the eight documentary segments of the program, The Odyssey of Homer stands as a tribute not only to these two persons, but to all who were associated with them. The result was a fine example of combining education with entertainment. For promoting interest in the classics with consummate skill and excitement, National Radio Theatre of Chicago is awarded a Peabody.