Winner 2000

The NPR 100

National Public Radio

With the help of their staff, more than 14,000 listeners, and a panel of renowned American musicians, National Public Radio showcased the “100 most important American musical works of the 20th century.” These engaging pieces aired throughout the year 2000 on All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Weekend Edition Saturday, Weekend Edition Sunday and Weekend All Things Considered. A dream course in contemporary music appreciation, this ambitious series consisting of 1900 features told the story behind each musical work under consideration. Through music and interviews, the series producer Elizabeth Blair and the executive producers Murray Horwitz and Andy Trudeau led a multitude of producers, editors, reporters, commentators and hosts connecting listeners to the creative process, examining the cultural contexts in which the works were created and revealing how musicians developed their music and transformed it into art the endures. Never formulaic, these segments treated listeners to a variety of genres including musical scores, rap tunes, blues, rock, country & western and much more. The diversity of multicultural musical choices was thought provoking and robustly representative of America’s varied strains. For giving listeners a comprehensive, insightful review of music that became the national sound track of the Twentieth Century, a Peabody goes to The NPR 100.