Winner 1997

The Nazis: A Warning from History


A superbly documented six-part series, The Nazis: A Warning from History is a chillingly thorough account of the Third Reich’s rise and fall. Using previously unpublished documents, new discoveries of archive film, access to new interviewees from the former communist bloc, and the close cooperation of Ian Kershaw, a leading Third Reich scholar, The Nazis paints a surprising and revealing picture of Hitler’s Germany. This comprehensive historical work presents a disturbing study of a nation in which the majority of its citizens supported the regime—characterized not by so-called German efficiency, but by chaos, where e murderers expressed no remorse. Writer/producer Laurence Rees, editor of the respected BBC Timewatch series, and executive producer Paul Hamann present a powerful and riveting account of the ascendance of Hitler, dispelling commonly held myths about Germany in the 1930s. It puts the origins of Nazism into context, drawing contemporary parallels such as rampant inflation, unemployment and racism, and brings the rise of Hitler and his henchmen frighteningly close to home. For crafting a brilliant and remarkably new treatment of the horrors of Nazism, serving as both an historical document and a contemporary reminder, a Peabody to the BBC and the History Channel for The Nazis: A Warning from History.