Winner 1980

Bill Moyers Journal: The MX Debate

KUED-TV, WNET/Thirteen, New York, New York

Every American is vitally affected by the decisions which will be made concerning the proposed deployment of the MX missile system. Those Americans living in Utah and surrounding states may be more vitally affected than most. For this reason, the distinguished Bill Moyers, with the help of two excellent public television stations, KUED-TV, and WNET/13, created a special edition of Bill Moyers’ Journal which dealt totally with the MX controversy. Produced in Salt Lake City, this excellent example of television journalism presented with great clarity and completeness is an inquiring look at the important questions which have been raised, together with honest and forthright answers. For this excellence, Peabody Awards to KUED-TV, Salt Lake City and WNET/13, New York.