Winner 2006

The Music in Me

HBO Family

From the Latin rhythms of a 10-year-old jazz flutist to an 11-year-old classical cellist’s artistic interpretation of Saint-Saens’ “The Swan” to folk music performed by a seven-year-old zydeco accordionist, The Music in Me allows audiences to experience young musicians fully at home in their elements. A charming mix of home-video clips and professionally recorded performances captures the range of musical styles found in children’s lives today. The six artfully produced vignettes follow youngsters preparing and presenting their musical numbers in a variety of venues—among them an elegant theater, a Louisiana nightclub, and a New York street festival—as the artists describe how their musical experiences affect them and those around them. Through their experiences we discover a rich diversity in styles, social circumstances and cultural influences. At the center we recognize the sheer delight that music provides for young people of differing ethnic, cultural and geographic backgrounds. For its exploration of how music gives shape and meaning to childhood, The Music in Me receives a Peabody Award.


Executive producers: Sheila Nevins, Leslie Stifelman, Dolores Morris. Producers: Diane Kolyer, Beth Aala. Directors: Amy Schatz, Mark Mannucci, Ellen Goosenberg Kent, Diane Kolyer, Mark Benjamin.