Winner 1992

The More You Know


Often overlooked in the longstanding debate about the so-called “demise of the networks” is the important role a large national network can play in promoting public service. This campaign reminds us of the power and value of network television. Launched in 1989, The More You Know draws on the resources of the NBC television network, its owned-and-operated stations, and its more than two hundred affiliates to focus attention on the issues affecting education throughout the United States. Members of the Peabody Board noted that the writing, production, and overall impact of the PSAs matched the level of any program submitted for Peabody consideration. Most important, the 800 numbers included in many of the spots and the integration of the effort into the work of a variety of groups concerned with education, made this a campaign characterized by a commitment to results. To NBC, a Peabody for The More You Know.