Nominee 2021

“The Moms of Magnolia Street”

NBC Bay Area

One of two pieces from NBC Bay Area that investigates the challenges of homeless parents. “The Moms of Magnolia Street” documents how a group of unhoused mothers in Oakland banded together to find—and fight for—a unique solution to the area’s affordability crisis.


Producing Organization:  NBC Bay Area. Network/Station/Platform:  NBC Bay Area. Creators:  Michael Bott & Sean Myers. Executive Producers:  Stacy Owen, Stephanie Adrouny, Bob Goldberger and Sara Bueno. Directors:  Michael Bott & Sean Myers. Writers:  Michael Bott & Sean Myers. Editor:  Evita Isleta. Reporters:  Melissa Colorado, Cheryl Hurd, Kris Sanchez. Photography:  Michael Horn, Rich Goudeau, Mark Villarreal, Rachel Witte, Anthony Rutanashoodech, Mykie Vang, Alan Waples, Jeremy Carroll, and Alex Bozovic. Cinematography:  Michael Horn. Digital Video Producer:  Amber Bragdon. Legal:  Amanda Leith. Standards:  Kevin Keeshan.