Winner 1983

The Merry Widow


On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of choreographer Ruth Page’s first dance version of The Merry Widow, WTTW arranged for a major staging of the ballet in their Chicago studios. Featuring noted dancers from the New York City Ballet and the musicians of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the program is a glowing tribute to Ms. Page, who served as the program’s host and narrator. This production is distinguished by its excellent performances brought effectively to the home screen by producer/director Richard Carter’s outstanding manipulation of camerawork, set design, costuming, and lighting. More than a photographed proscenium, The Merry Widow is a stirring televised ballet which proves that dance can be effectively presented on the small screen. For excellence in production and in recognition of the career of Ruth Page, a Peabody to WTTW/Chicago for The Merry Widow.