Nominee 2021

The Long Song

Heyday Television, which is part of Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group

PBS’s “Masterpiece” miniseries beautifully adapts Andrea Levy’s novel about the end of slavery in Jamaica, focusing on July, an enslaved woman on a sugarcane plantation who is unflinching in the face of her insufferable mistress, Caroline.


Network/Station/Platform:  PBS MASTERPIECE. Creator:  Andrea Levy. Executive Producers:  David Heyman, Rosie Alison, Andrea Levy, Sarah Williams, Tom Coan, Ben Irving. Associate Producer/Producer:  Roopesh Parekh. Director:  Mahalia Belo. Writer:  Sarah Williams. Editor:  Richard Graham. Talent:  Tamara Lawrance, Hayley Atwell, Jack Lowden, Leo Bill, Lenny Henry, Arinzé Kene, Doña Croll, Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Jordan Bolger. Photography:  Carlos Rodriguez. Design and Technical Staff:  Stevie Herbert, Charlotte Holdich, Jody Williams. Cinematography:  Chloë Thomson. Sound/Music:  Jonathan Rhys Hill.