Winner 1990

The Koppel Report: Death of a Dictator

ABC News, Koppel Communications

Here is a chilling, a startling hour on television. A revolution is taking place and you are there! Ted Koppel and his associates at ABC News and Koppel Communications located exclusive dramatic footage to make this program stand out. They took the viewer behind closed doors to hear and see the discussions that took place during the early hours of the revolution in Romania. They showed the brutal street battles, the trial of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceasescu and his wife and their bloody execution. They followed up on what took place. It wasn’t pretty television but it gave the American television viewer a look likely never seen before. It was gripping, frightening, important. It was television worthy of Peabody recognition. For programming with such an impact goes a tip of the Peabody hat to executive producer Phyllis McGrady and a Peabody Award to The Koppel Report: Death of a Dictator.


Executive Producer: Phyllis McGrady. Anchor: Ted Koppel.