Winner 1995

20/20: The Journey of Christopher Reeve

ABC News 20/20

In May 1995, a near-fatal riding accident changed Christopher Reeve’s life from that of a top Hollywood actor and an avid outdoorsman, to a quadriplegic unable to even breathe on his own. This special edition of 20/20 provided the first, and to date, the most complete portrayal of the courageous strength of Christopher Reeve and his inspirational message about the meaning of life, love and family. Barbara Walters is at her best here – her skillful interviewing techniques combine with a deep affection for her subject. The result is a heartening hour of television. This program reminds us of the true power of television to transcend time and distance and touch the hearts of viewers everywhere. At the same time, it reintroduced us to an exceptional individual whose life has become truly inspirational. For all this, a Peabody to ABC News 20/20 for The Journey of Christopher Reeve.